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We Get Sponsors

At We Get Sponsors, we excel in two pivotal aspects that redefine the landscape for both brands and events. We excel in matching events with the perfect sponsorships to enhance, optimize, and expand their impact.


By strategically placing sponsors at key events, we not only boost brand recognition but also guarantee a substantial return on investment, making it a rewarding partnership for both sponsors and event organizers. Our commitment to delivering exceptional results and fostering lasting partnerships sets us apart in the industry.

We are your dedicated partner in connecting brands and events, crafting unforgettable sponsorship experiences that amplify brand visibility and event success.

Born from a passion for music and the vision of uniting sponsors and events seamlessly, our journey began with a focus on music festivals, laying the foundation of our network. Immersed in the vibrant world of live performances, we witnessed sponsorship's transformative influence, elevating experiences for attendees and brands alike.

With the growth of our network, we honed our expertise in matching the right sponsors to the right events, creating partnerships resonating with the music world's heartbeat. From our roots in music and festivals, we expanded to connect sponsors and events across diverse industries.

Today, our journey continues, driven by the same unwavering passion. We are devoted to fostering meaningful connections, amplifying event experiences, and helping brands captivate their audience.

Our story is one of growth, dedication, and an enduring love for the enchantment of live events. Come join us on this journey and let's create remarkable stories together.

Our Story

Creativity and Ingenuity: We're all about fresh, out-of-the-box thinking to make events unforgettable and brands stand out.

Authentic Connections: We're in it for the long haul, fostering genuine, open, and trustworthy relationships.

Excellence and Dedication: Your success is our guiding star, and we're committed to surpassing your expectations.

Passion for the Industry: Our dedication and the exceptional results we achieve reflect our deep love for the industries we serve.

Adaptability and Growth: We evolve with the ever-changing world to meet your dynamic needs.

Win-Win Partnerships: We're here to ensure success for everyone, bringing integrity, honesty, and accountability to every partnership.

What We Value

Meet The Team

Harrison Bloor

Founder & CEO

Harrison aligns the right strategy to the right opportunity with a wealth of experience in successful sponsorship deals with globally recognised brands. Dedicated to the success of his clients and building We Get Sponsors into the leading sponsorship consultancy in the space. 

Oleg Antonov

Director of Operations

Oli is a core member of the We Get Sponsors team, taking care of all things data and working on simplifying complex processes! Oli also covers a lot of our business development and is often the first point of contact between ourselves and clients.

Technology Officer

Paul McQuillan

Paul brings 10 years of experience running technology businesses to We Get Sponsors to help our team and our clients get the best from digital transformation. He provides us with advice and support on the technology and operations that help the team succeed.

Head of Commercial

Scott Hartley

Scott has worked in B2B media and event sponsorship for sixteen years, dealing with the  conception of advertising and marketing strategy to delivery and fulfilment. He has worked with SME's to Blue Chip companies from around the world, such as Oracle, Samsung, OPPO, and varies luxury design brands. Perfect to take We Get Sponsors into new markets.

Marketing & PR

Emma Rae

Emma collaborates with festivals, event promoters, labels, and artists across the UK and beyond, crafting effective marketing & PR strategies to achieve their goals. With experience working alongside industry leaders like Glitterbox, Defected, and Don't Let Daddy Know, you're in capable hands with Emma and the Elixir team. Her deep love for the music industry drives her dedication to delivering the best results for her clients.

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