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Expertise & Projects

Increasing business growth in various industries relies on creative marketing. Our global network allows us to connect brands with their target audiences. If your upcoming marketing strategy involves live events, influencer marketing, or if you'd like to explore creative approaches, get in touch with us!

We bring our innovative touch to every project, proving that nothing is impossible.



We specialize in assisting tech events and companies in securing sponsorships that boost brand visibility, aid product launches, and enable valuable networking with influential figures in the tech industry.



In the fashion realm, we can help secure sponsorships that elevate runway shows, clothing launches, and fashion events, uniting brands that align with your style and creative vision.



We excel at connecting music events, concerts, and festivals with sponsors who enhance stage presence, improve sound quality, and elevate audience engagement, ensuring your musical experiences are truly unforgettable.



We possess the networks to discover sponsors who have a shared passion for sports, guaranteeing that your sports events, teams, and tournaments receive backing that ignites the competitive spirit and enhances fan engagement.



In the rapidly changing landscape of Web3, we can secure sponsorships that resonate with your blockchain or decentralized web events, amplifying your message in this dynamic and cutting-edge industry.



We collaborate with the broader hospitality sector, forging connections between sponsors and hotels, resorts, and hospitality events to curate exceptional and hospitable experiences. Whether you're looking to elevate a luxurious retreat or enhance a hospitality gathering, we've got you covered.



For the automotive and transportation industry, we specialize in finding sponsors to enhance automotive shows, racing events, and transportation expos, creating partnerships that rev up the excitement and showcase the latest in automotive innovation.



In the realm of environmental and sustainability initiatives, we can secure sponsorships for green expos, conservation projects, and sustainability conferences, fostering relationships between eco-conscious brands and initiatives dedicated to a greener planet.



In the healthcare and wellness sector, we can assist in securing sponsorships for medical conferences, wellness expos, and health-related events, connecting healthcare brands with opportunities to promote products and services in an environment dedicated to well-being.


The International Dialogue of Civilization and Tolerance

The International Dialogue of Civilization and Tolerance Conference will welcome experts from academia, politics, and other walks of life together to jointly tackle the questions at the core of the Dialogue of Civilizations

Monaco Lux Week

Monaco Lux Week, the ultimate expression of luxury and glamour on the French Riviera. This exclusive event is the perfect opportunity to indulge in the finest food, drink, and entertainment while soaking up the excitement of the race.

Eden x BoohooMan

In a game-changing partnership, the legendary party haven of Ibiza is set to host a fusion of fashion and music like never before. We brought the online retail giant boohooMAN and the esteemed Eden Ibiza nightclub together to unveil an unparalleled fashion collection.

UK Festival Awards

We Get Sponsors proudly presented the coveted Best Small Festival Award, celebrating the remarkable achievements of intimate and exceptional festival experiences.

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